Expert as plastic appearance parts manufacturer

As a plastic appearance parts manufacturer, we provide high quality products to help bring to life the skill of manufacturing while also addressing environmental issues.

 In the 50 years since establishment, Sanko Lite Industries Co., Ltd. has contributed greatly to the growth of the electronics industry of Japan through plastic molding . In particular, we have a high level of technological expertise and knowhow on the manufacturing of appearance parts (plastic casting) that are so crucial in the outward appearance of products, allowing us to respond to the needs (for both quality and class) of customers.
We have become a parts manufacturer able to respond to a range of requirements of a rapidly changing information-based era with unwavering reliability through the establishment of a production system designed to handle each and every stage, from the designing and manufacturing of metallic molds, to molding, coating, printing and assembly.

The trend in recent years in the manufacturing industry of Japan has been for companies to move their production overseas, but we stand firm in our stance that “Made in Japan = High Quality.” Our strength lies in being a company providing high quality products and products with added value at the forefront of manufacturing in Japan , and our domestic network of factories allows us to supply and deliver products quickly and reliably.

Responding to Environmental Issues while Providing High Quality Products

Further increases in corporate activities centered around environmental issues
With the focus on environmental issues intensifying on a global scale in recent years, it has become necessary for not only people in every corner of the world, but also corporations to respond to these issues. We were certified with the “ISO14001” environmental management system in 2005. Environment conservation is conducted by solidifying and recycling waste oil produced in the manufacturing process as one method for reducing the amount of waste products, as well as implementing measures against global warming and soil contamination, and managing chemical substances with extreme care.
To allow us to deliver products of a higher quality, we were certified with the “ISO9001” quality management system in 2002. This has enhanced our quality guarantee system at all levels of production, from development and designing to manufacturing, final inspection and testing.
At Sanko Lite Industries we aim to engage each and every one of our employees in a sincere effort to address these environmental issues on both personal and global levels , so that each of their endeavors can be shaped as model standards and develop new trends within the company.

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