A company founded on Die making.
  Beauty and with technology work together to bring products to life.

Dies are indispensible when manufacturing products. In fact, every product is brought to life by using Dies. Sanko Lite Industries is regarded highly for precision manufacturing of Dies by conducting mold flow simulations during the designing process. Rather than simply designing Dies for individual parts, they are designed by visualizing the function and structure of the finished product. Designing a good Die requires not only advanced technology, but also a human feel for aesthetics.

It is no exaggeration to say the blending of beauty and state-of-the-art technology is what results in the high quality of our finished products. In an industry where production often begins with Dies supplied by the customers themselves, what sets us apart from the rest is our level of expertise, which has led to an increase in production beginning with the actual designing of Dies. Customer confidence is also increased as we strive to address issues leading to shorter delivery times and reductions in cost.

Technical Trial Production  Repetitive trial molding and coating and an uncompromising quality control system,
 give rise to products with high added value.

Quality inspection is an essential process that forms part of the skill of manufacturing. The reason why our range of products retains such quality excellence is a direct result of the quality inspections conducted repeatedly and our meticulous management system.

Quality control involves various tests using equipment such as spectrocolorimeter s , coordinate measuring machine s, thermal shock testing machines and salt spray testing machines.

We were certified with the “ISO 9001” quality management system in 2002. This has enhanced our quality guarantee system at all levels of production, from development and designing to manufacturing, final inspection and testing.

Never allowing compromises in manufacturing is a philosophy employed at all of our plants, and our “ SLK mark” has come to be known widely as proof of high quality and reliability.

Production  A reliable quality and production system able to deliver equally reliable molding and coating
 technology in meet the ever diversifying and challenging requirements of the industry.

In the Molding Department, production line robots work around the clock to mass produce molded products with high added value. Our strength lies in the variety of molding techniques we employ, from vacuum molding to make thin-walled parts, to thick-walled molding. In addition to these methods, we have established a unique way of simultaneously molding two different types of plastics together (*We have succeeded in manufacturing thin-walled but durable products by honing precision down to the micron level).

In the automated clean plant of our Coating Department, we coat our products to give them a final finish using technology which also gives them resistance to scratching and UV radiation. Coating is a delicate process in which the color of the paint may vary depending on temperature and humidity. Our process is highly regarded among customers for being able to create new colors through subtle adjustment of the balance between paints and solvents, create super-gloss paints, lacquer and smooth paints with porcelain-like textures. We also maximize our expertise for conducting silk screen printing and pad printing of our products.  

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